Our Story

Hello Babe! I am so glad you are here! Sabella Boutique started as just a dream that I thought could never happen! Sabella Boutique is a testimony of how good God is! We first launched our site in April of 2020 in Carterville IL when I was 16 years old! Sabella could not have happened without my amazing family- especially my Dad. He fully renovated what once was an old antique store into Sabella Boutique and we had our grand opening in Carterville in June of 2020! Sabella thrived there and it was so amazing to run my business in my small town! I got married to my highschool sweetheart in July of 2021 and we moved to Nashville TN together. Sabella's location in Carterville closed and it moved with us in December of 2021. Sabella is now fully online and currently operating out of our sweet little apartment! I am very excited to see how God will grow and use Sabella here in Nashville! I hope to one day have another brick and mortar store!

My goal for Sabella is to have clothing that women can feel confident in and love! The mission of Sabella Boutique is to offer a wide range of trendy and affordable clothing for all women. Sabella Boutique has one main purpose- to show the love of Christ. We want to shine the light of Jesus and make sure that each woman who shops with us leaves feeling more loved than they did. The goal of Sabella  is to serve the Lord while showing women their worth and giving them confidence that they can wear any piece of clothing beautifully. Thank you in advance for supporting my small business! I do not take it lightly when you choose to shop with me! I love each and everyone of my customers and am so grateful! 

"Sabella" translates to "God is my Oath" which we wanted as the foundation of our business. 

With Love, Kaitlyn Ogden